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Zoning Board - 1/2/2018 -

Residents interested in applying for the Zoning Board of Adjustment please

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City of Glenn Heights Announces Three Finalists for City Manager Position - 1/25/2018 -


Primary Elections Early Voting Locations Dallas County - 2/20/2018 -


Primary Elections Early Voting Locations Ellis County - 2/20/2018 -


About Glenn Heights

About Glenn Heights

Perfectly positioned along I-35 East, the City of Glenn Heights is a hospitable, business-friendly, rapidly growing community divided between Dallas and Ellis counties. The City has a total area of 7.2 sq. miles (18.8 km sq.).

Readdressing of Milas Lane

On December 27, 2017, the Replat for Meadow Springs Phase 2 was approved by operation of law.

 This Replat created a West Milas Lane, which will one day connect to the existing Milas Lane, East of Hampton Road. The future roadway will improve connectivity and reduce response times for the City’s Emergency Service Departments.

 To avoid confusion and maintain consistency with the existing Block Numbering System, the City Council will consider an Ordinance to readdress all lots shown below from ‘Milas Lane’ to ‘East Milas Lane’. No street numbers will be changing.

If you have questions regarding this pending Ordinance, please contact the City Planner, at (972) 223-1690 ext. 452 or at keegan.mcdonald@glennheightstx.gov

Affected Lots Map - Milas Lane with North Arrow
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Traffic Lights IH 35E & Bear Creek

TxDOT has now successfully installed overhead traffic signals within the Glenn Heights side of the IH 35E/Bear Creek Road intersection.

Once the traffic signals are installed within the Lancaster side of the IH 35E/Bear Creek Road intersection, all traffic signals will be placed in "temporary flashing mode" for a short period of time in order to give motorists advance notice that full activation of all traffic signals would be occurring next.

Traffic Signals Now Installed within Glenn Heights side of the IH 35E/Bear Creek Road Intersection



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